After earning a bachelor’s degree in communications from Lee College and a master’s degree in performing arts from Regent University, Catherine pursued a career on the stage resolutely without any adorable distractions for over a decade. This award-winning actress and playwright had dozens of professional acting credits ranging from Patsy Cline to Miss Scarlet during her longstanding career as a premier performer in Hampton Roads, VA. She was also a founding member of Slap Happy Comedy Improv in Virginia Beach, VA, and a mainstage performer with Improv Nashville in Music City, USA. 

About Catherine

Catherine had planned to build her theatrical resume until the good Lord parted the clouds in the second coming, but that all changed in the spring of 2005. After a decade of marriage and nine arduous months of preparation, Catherine was cast in her most challenging role yet, the role of a lifetime, the role of mother. It was a role she never thought she wanted, but she found it to be the greatest role of all! And it has been a calling worthy of her sole devotion. 

 So, this tried and true stage hound with theater blood coursing through her veins hung up her costumes and found contentment on a different kind of stage, one made of linoleum with a spotlight of fluorescent kitchen bulbs. Broadway show tunes belted out for thousands of theater-goers became lullabies sung for an audience of one. Meanwhile, her acting and writing resume laid dormant, collecting dust for over a dozen years as she and her husband, Bryan, added four more actors to their little theater troupe. Each of those four trips to the labor and delivery ward were medically diagnosed as “geriatric pregnancies,” which is a pregnancy after the age of 35, btw.  

During this very fruitful time, Catherine also immersed herself in women’s ministry at her local church, and she began homeschooling because she just wasn’t weird enough yet.

 Now, Catherine is returning to her performing roots. She is dusting off her acting chops, writing her stories and performing them in an innovative new blogcast called, That Drama Girl. Please check it out. 

 Catherine is a dreamer who believes God has an incredible story to tell in every life. And He loves to resurrect things that we thought were dead and buried. Her life verse is Roman’s 4:17, 

“He is the God who brings life from the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.”

Tune in to hear her tales . . . it is Catherine’s sincere hope that her story will inspire your’s. 

 Never. Stop. Dreaming.


What people are saying

"Catherine Segars seems to have discovered the secret to the kind of magic you witness on stage when an actor and material find each other in just the right way. To watch her perform is both mesmerizing and inspiring."  
Garry Manasco
Director of Manasco Actor's Studio

“Catherine is a distinctive performer. Her acting range is not unlike the painter's palette - she draws from a spectrum of emotions to create living, breathing characters in full and vivid color. She can move from pensive to ebullient as smoothly as an Alfa-Romeo changes gears on a Tuscan backroad, and like a fine wine, she only grows
better as time goes by.”

Andy Freeman 
Executive Producer of The Huckabee Show

"Catherine Segars is a seasoned teacher with both a mother’s heart and perspective. There is no topic too hard or too controversial that she will not shed light on and bring a bit of levity to. Her years as a professional improv actress cause her to think quickly on her feet and respond well, and her love for God’s Word makes those responses indisputable." 
Laura Harris Smith
Author of Seeing the Voice of God
The Healthy Living Handbook,
and Host of The Three

“Catherine Segars' natural sense of comedic timing delights every audience, and they find themselves captivated by her -- eagerly awaiting what her next move will be. Every nuance, every phrase, every idea -- while carefully crafted -- are spontaneous and real. And irresistible.” 
Kathi-Lee Wilson
Artistic Director of
Theatrix Productions, Inc.

"Catherine Segars is a gifted communicator.
She delivers her message with deep conviction, clarity, and truth. Her points are always concise, intentional, and consistently convincing. Whether in a creative setting, a teaching setting, or in a leadership setting, Catherine wins her audiences with a commanding voice of hope and purpose every time.” 

Chris Smith
Sr. Pastor Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship

“Catherine is an accomplished, award-winning actress who infuses every character with depth and insight into the human experience. She brings all of her acting sensibilities to bear in her public speaking, making use of humor and intrinsic transparency to create moments and messages that are powerful and compelling. As a writer, Catherine creates beautiful, biblically-rooted truth-scapes by blending her solid theological ethic with practical, real-world application. Catherine is real. And her writing is accessible and transformative. I would highly recommend her in any ministry application.” 
Gary Spell 
Owner/Producing Director of GVI Productions 
& Worship Pastor at London Bridge Baptist Church

"A gifted actress and engaging speaker, Catherine brings her material to life via her incredible insight and an encyclopedic knowledge of God’s word. I am one of many whose prayer life and walk with her Creator has been revolutionized by the talents of this woman.” 
Elaine Anderson
Co-director NOWword (Nashville’s Overcoming Women)