Helping you be
a godly parent
in an ungodly world. 

Helping you be
a godly parent
in an ungodly world.

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*Named Best Kids
& Family Podcast
by Spark Media (2022)

*Named Best Kids & Family Podcast by Spark Media (2022)


tackles tough theological, cultural, spiritual, and relational topics that threaten to derail your parenting and steal your kids faith. Featuring internationally recognized apologists, best-selling authors, poignant personal testimonies, and original commentary on the most salient issues of our day, CP/CW is a must-listen for Christian parents and is an excellent place for guests to share their God-given message.

topics include:

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Paul Secord

Elizabeth Urbanowicz

M.A. Clinical christian counselor & educational consultant

President of Godsey
Media Management

Founder & CEO of 
Foundation Worldview

"I have given hundreds of interviews during the last forty years, and I found Catherine Segars to be one of the most well-prepared and thoughtful interviewers I have encountered. She gets to the point in a well-informed and interesting way for the purpose of serving her audience and glorifying God."

"Catherine Segars is an insightful teacher and dynamic speaker. When she addresses an audience, whether as an apologist, podcaster, or professional improv actress, her insight, vulnerability, and humor allow her to communicate complex, controversial issues with grace and impact. Her passion for God and her knowledge of truth are undeniable. When she shares, you will be captivated immediately, and you will leave refreshed, equipped, and inspired."

“Catherine Segars is a master communicator. Passionate. Articulate. And enlightening. She has so much to offer the listener because of her vast experience and deep roots in her faith. Don’t miss an opportunity to sit under her teaching.”

“Catherine Segars is a wonderful host. She asks meaningful questions and truly listens, turning every interview into a meaningful conversation.”


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