Three Steps to Take When You Or Your Kid Are Judged

Being under the scrutiny of a fellow believer is such a painful place to be. And when someone judges our kids, we often feel it more than they do. If we don’t deal with the judgements of others properly, the wounds can lead us and our kids away from the body of Christ and from […]

Six Problems We Encounter When It Comes to Judging

As parents, we have to judge the actions of our kids. And we live in families, neighborhoods, communities, and churches where we hold each other accountable. So sometimes that requires us to assess the actions of other people. (Especially the little people who live with us.) We have to consider the fruit in people’s lives, […]

Is It Ever Right To Judge Others?

Some would say that it’s never right to judge another person. Others say that it is. So which is it? At some point in our Christian walk, we are going to be judged by other believers, and so will our kids. It is important that we know what Scripture says about this issue. In this […]

Have You Ever Been Judged by Other Christians?

We’ve all come under the scrutiny of others, and so have our kids. When we are judged by other Christians, the pain can be acute. It can lead us away from God and the faith. In this episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I begin a new series on judging by establishing a proper foundation of […]

How Do Our Words Form a Legacy for Our Children?

In this episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I conclude an uplifting series on the power of our words by pulling the lens way back to show how our words water the seeds of legacy in our kids’ lives. Take a trip with me to the future, to a place where all our hard parenting work […]

Seven Way to Bless Your Kids with Words

Words can change the course of a life. They can build dreams, or they can break them. Proverbs 18:21 says, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” We want our words to produce healthy fruit in the lives of our children. But how can […]

How Powerful Are Our Words in the Lives of Our Kids?

Words are weighty. Seriously, they can shape the course of an entire life. Consider these real life examples of lives that were changed by a few simple words: A little boy whose dreams of being a writer were dashed by a teacher who scoffed, “That will never happen.” A young man whose aspirations were ignited by the encouragement of […]

What Do We Do with the Parts of Scripture We Still Don’t Understand?

Let’s be honest—sometimes Scripture does say what we want it to say. And sometimes it deals with some really tough topics. Tamar’s rape by her half-brother, Amnon. The brutal  murder of the Levite concubine. The issue of slavery. What’s the point of these passages? Seriously, parts of Scripture are hard to digest much less comprehend. I add all these issues in the episode 35 of  CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD. Why? Because topics like these frequently come up when discussing the Christian faith with unbelievers and with our kids. They wonder how we can overlook such things. We shouldn’t. […]

How Can We Help Our Kids Understand Who God Is?

God gets a pretty bad rap in our culture, doesn’t he? People love to cherry-pick portions of the Bible to paint a very bad picture of our God. How can we help our kids understand who God is? Well, there are two aspects of God’s character that are especially misunderstood: his mercy and his justice. These attributes are opposite ends of the divine pendulum. If we don’t understand them, we don’t understand who God is. And neither do are kids. We must properly comprehend these parts of God’s character […]

Is the God of the Old Testament a Monster?

Has anyone ever given you a description of God that isn’t anything like the God you know? That’s happened to me.  Check out this description of God from renowned atheist Richard Dawkins: OUCH! How do you really feel, Richard? Don’t beat around the bush. How do we prepare our kids for this type of attack on God and our faith? Well, we need to be talking about the tough parts of Scripture with our kids, which is exactly what I have been doing in the latest series […]