How Does God Meet Us in Our Brokenness and Suffering?

The problem of pain has plagued humanity since the beginning of time. Many great apologists have grappled with the reality of suffering, endeavoring to form a theologically sound answer to life’s hardest question. In Episode 102 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, a couple of moms wrestle with pain and suffering from a distinctly maternal point of […]

10 Practical Ways That You Can Experience God Like Never Before

What is the best defense that we have for the Christian faith? If you listened to Episode 100 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, you know what it is. And the cool thing is that everyone is qualified to offer this defense. It is… EXPERIENCE. Your experience with God is the best defense you have for your faith.  And this is super cool too… […]

The #1 Factor in Maintaining a Lifelong Faith

What is the deciding factor in a faith that remains alive and vibrant for a lifetime verses a faith that fizzles out? Have you ever wondered?  I have.  In my apologetic studies at Colorado Christian University, I had a profound revelation as I researched the primary approaches for defending the Christian faith. These methods varied greatly. Some of them seem to be diametrically opposed to one another. They are: 1. Classic Method – […]

Is Christianity Just a Religion of Do’s and Don’ts – “BEST OF” Episode (#4)

Many people look at the Christian faith as just a religion of do’s and don’ts. Perhaps our kids do too. Is it? This is a question we need to be very clear on as parents, for ourselves and for our kids. If our children think that the faith is just about all the things we can’t do and all the things we have to do, then they don’t really understand what Christianity is all about. And they probably won’t stick around. They will become a part of the majority of kids who are leaving the faith when they […]

How To Parent a Prodigal Child

The youth exodus is a very real concern for Christian parents, and it is a deeply personal concern for me. I launched CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD three years ago with the goal of assuaging this falling away from the faith in our youth. But what does a parent do when they have a child who is questioning or has left the faith?  How do you parent the prodigal child? In the latest episode of CP/CW, I answer these questions with hard-earned, first-hand […]

The 7 Biggest Reasons Gen Z Is Leaving the Faith

As you know, studies show that a majority of kids raised in Christian homes are leaving the faith when they leave the nest. This is a deeply personal reality for many families, mine included. If you aren’t experiencing this painful place in your parenting, you know someone who is. And you are probably close to some kids who are struggling in their faith.  It is so […]

When You Raise Your Child Biblically and They Leave the Faith

There is no formula for raising a child to be a lifelong follower of Christ. There is no 5 or 10 or even 20-step program to raising godly kids. As parents, we have a vital part to play in our child’s spiritual journey as we commit to parenting biblically, but we cannot choose the faith for our […]

Raising Kids To Stand Strong in a Godless Culture

Raising kids to stand strong in the faith while living in a godless culture is the greatest challenge we face as Christian parents today. It is our job as godly parents to be very intentional about the spiritual formation of our children. That preparation is the rich soil from which the seeds of truth can flourish. […]

Infidelity in Marriage: How To Find Restoration after An Affair

I LOVE a good redemption story… the kind of story that answers questions like: Is it possible for a marriage to fully recover from infidelity?   Can the emotional wounds of an affair ever be a thing of the past?  Can trust be rebuilt after betrayal?  My special guests in the latest episode of  CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD answer […]

The 3 Biggest Life Lessons Every Parent Needs to Teach Their Kids

Life has tough lessons in store for all of us. Seeing those experiences through the lens of Biblical truth is vital if we want to thrive in these difficult seasons and grow. As parents, we want to prepare our kids for these challenges so they can flourish. So what lessons are most important for our kids to learn? In this creative and reflective episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I dig deep into […]