The Sound of Regret

There is a sound in ice hockey that makes the die-hard fan wince in pain, wishing that the gods of sport had shown an extra inch of favor. It is the telltale ping of a puck hitting the post of the goal. Often times, the precision shot flies so fast that you can’t see it, […]

Should God Have a Say in the Size of Your Family?

“We haven’t decided if we want to have more kids,” she said. It wasn’t an odd statement. Not at all. It was the kind of statement I had made for the first twenty years of our marriage. Actually, that’s not true. For the first ten years of our marriage, I said:  “I don’t want to have […]

A Fresh Faith

My son got saved at church last Sunday. After a passionate sermon and a moving invitation, I peeked over just in time to see his hand shoot up. I didn’t write down the date, though. He got saved the week before that, and the week before that, and a few weeks before that. We’ve gotten […]

A Someday Christmas

I was watching an episode of Victoria on Masterpiece Theatre earlier this year and one scene really got under my skin. The young and vibrant queen was trying to persuade an old colonel to serve on one more mission, one more assignment for the crown. He was honored, but he refused and hobbled out of […]

What I Wish People With Mental Illness Knew

She understood me. She was the first person who did. The ruminating thoughts, the downward spiral, the world of horrors that was always a mutant breath away—she understood it all.

What I Wish People Knew About Mental Illness

Twenty years ago, I had a conversation with a sweet, well-meaning relative who explained to me that people who took medication for mental illness didn’t have enough faith.

9 Times Love Overpowers Hate in the Bible

Hate crimes dominate the headlines. Our culture is afflicted with “isms” rooted in hate.

Halo House

We pulled into the driveway, covering the last few feet uphill on our 2300-mile trek to Texas and back. Our vacation to see family was a fun-filled food-a-rama, but we are spent like a well-worn wallet—which was certainly worn well on this trip. All we wanted was a home-cooked meal and a familiar bed after […]

I Want To Live in a Hallmark Film

Sometimes… I want to live in a land where the worst thing that happens is that my boyfriend forgot to tell me that he is next in line for the throne to of a tiny European country

The Danger of Speaking the Truth Without Love

We were pulling into the parking lot of my church when the DJ mentioned a controversy surrounding a burgeoning Christian recording artist. Apparently, she had appeared on a popular daytime talk show and there was an uproar about it. I was waiting to hear what had happened on the show that caused such a stink. […]