Speak Life!

There is a point I can come to in the course of a crazy day where my tongue barrels down like runaway freight train hell-bent on destruction. Without even realizing it, I unleash a torrent of flaming frustration about every imperfection I see. And my home becomes a dark place where the crack of eggshells […]

Should Christians Be Concerned by the LGBTQ Direction of Hallmark Movies?

Last December, I wrote an article giving five reasons to be careful when watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Overall, the article was a light-hearted endorsement of this network which has remained committed to family entertainment. The concerns weren’t deeply disturbing. They simply highlighted areas where one ought to be cautious. Now, there is a sixth reason to be […]

Lessons about Race from a Child in a Basket

In the mid-70s, my parents adopted a child from South Korea—an infant girl left on the side of the road in a basket. She was strategically placed near a route where the orphanage workers travelled. I’ve often wondered if her mother or an older sibling watched to make sure that she was safe, just like […]

How to Deal with the Terribly Disturbing Parts of Scripture

This article was originally published on Crosswalk. Scripture doesn’t say what I want it to say sometimes. I’m not a fan of the whole Tamar incident in Scripture, where she was tricked and then raped by her half-brother, Amnon. King David, their father, was “furious” according to Scripture. And yet he did nothing. And I’m really not […]

Why We Should Reconsider What the Bible Really Says About Women in Ministry

This article was originally published on Two short sections of Scripture have been used for thousands of years to say that women should be silent in the church, and women should not be allowed to teach men. Claiming that there are numerous passages conflicting with this interpretation, many evangelical denominations, as well as mainline […]

My Other Husband

About twenty years ago, I began a relationship with another man. And I must confess, it has become rather intimate. Now that I have your full attention… let me say that there’s nothing sordid about it. My first husband, Bryan, knows all about him. He tried to get rid of this other guy about a […]

Controlling Me

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. Sincerely. He is usually the first to apologize. And this time, I was more to blame. I blew up over the most trivial thing. I’m mortified to put it in writing… I couldn’t find my small container of coconut oil that I use to remove eye makeup. I know, it was […]

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Years ago, I did a short stint as a secretary for a stately old church near downtown Norfolk, Virginia. It was a quite a building. The mahogany wood work in the chapel and vivid stained-glass windows depicting Biblical tales inspired awe. Crimson velvet pews flanked a traditional center aisle. The lofty ceiling produced magnificent sounds—an […]

Should Christians Be Concerned About Individual Liberty in Crises

“Give me liberty or give me death,” was the infamous cry of Patrick Henry just prior to the Revolutionary War. Something deep inside the human heart seeks freedom. Freedom from tyrannical oppression. Freedom from control. Freedom from conscience. Freedom from consequence. Freedom from pain, guilt, and sin. Freedom…from God. As with most human desires, the quest […]

Do Your May Days Need a Mayday?

“I’m livin’ for May! I’m livin’ for May!” I said, more times than I could count. Back in January and February, this mantra played like a broken record in my mind. I would mouth the words to a fellow mom across the pews in our homeschool co-op, deep into an afternoon grammar class as my […]