How Do We Prevent Suicide in Our Families? Emma Benoit Interview (Part 1)

Did you know that 20 young people take their own lives every single day in the United States? I recently sat down on CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD with one such teen for a two-part series on teen suicide. Emma Benoit had a picture-perfect life. She was a vibrant, beautiful 16-year-old varsity cheerleader whose secret battle with […]

How Is Our Culture Distorting Sexuality and Harming Children?

Have you noticed that just mentioning God’s plan for our sexuality has become hate speech these days? How did that happen? Erin Barry of The Home Educated Mind joins me to answer that question in episode 48 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD. As we conclude this vitally important series on sexuality, Erin and I dig into the overarching narratives that are competing with the […]

What Is Our Culture Teaching Our Kids about Sexuality?

Biblical sexuality and cultural sexuality are diametrically opposed to one another. Our kids are neck deep in a culture that says everything the Bible teaches on sexuality is not only wrong but oppressive, divisive, and hateful. As parents, we need to know what our culture is saying about sexuality. We must know where these ideas […]

How To Talk To Your Kids about Biblical Sexuality

Some topics that I cover on CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD are relevant to lot of parents and a lot of kids, but the topic of sexuality is relevant to ALL parents and ALL kids. We cannot escape this issue in our families and our friend circles. So who defines our sexuality? Our celebrities, our politicians, our […]

How Do We Help Our Kids to Understand Biblical Sexuality?

Your kids cannot go into a public restroom these days, turn on the television, go to school, or play high school or collegiate sports without being confronted with the question of sexuality. Who defines it? Our politicians, our celebrities, our educators, our feelings… or God? This is the most relevant cultural issue of our day. […]

Have You Or Your Kids Been Wounded in the Church?

Sometimes we can feel like the walking wounded in the church. Some people will jump from church to church trying to forget their wounds. Others will leave the church altogether. The injuries we incur in these close quarters can follow us around for a lifetime if we let them. In episode 44 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY […]

Why Does Abuse Happen in the Church?

This is not a fun topic. A few weeks ago, my editor at iBelieve asked for a response to the news that the Department of Justice is investigating the Southern Baptist Convention for a 20-year patter of abuse within that denomination. Abuse in the church is hard to understand ourselves, much less to explain to […]

Have You Ever Been Judged by Other Christians?

We’ve all come under the scrutiny of others, and so have our kids. When we are judged by other Christians, the pain can be acute. It can lead us away from God and the faith. In this episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I begin a new series on judging by establishing a proper foundation of […]

Abuse in the SBC: Why It Happened and Where We Find Hope

As a fierce advocate of women and children, I’ve followed the sexual abuse scandal in the Southern Baptist Convention for years. One of my first articles investigated John MacArthur, a reformed Baptist, who told Beth Moore to “go home” after speaking at her church on Mother’s Day. Moore, a three-decade member of the SBC until 2021, had been a […]

How Powerful Are Our Words in the Lives of Our Kids?

Words are weighty. Seriously, they can shape the course of an entire life. Consider these real life examples of lives that were changed by a few simple words: A little boy whose dreams of being a writer were dashed by a teacher who scoffed, “That will never happen.” A young man whose aspirations were ignited by the encouragement of […]