What Question Burns in the Heart of Your Child?

One prevailing question burns at the heart of each generation—one question keeps them up at night. Understanding this question helps us to reach people of every age, especially our kids. For the Baby Boomers, people born in the 40s, 50, and 60s, that question is: What is TRUE? Like the great philosophers of old, this […]

What Critical Foundation Do Many Parents Miss When Discipling Their Kids?

Where does discipleship in the home start? Do you use a particular curriculum or a new Bible study or is there a check list that gets the job done?  Look… all of those things can be helpful, but they aren’t where discipleship starts.Discipleship needs to begin with a spiritual truth that so many parents miss because oftenthey don’t understand it themselves. That truth is identity. […]

5 Simple Habits That Will Reduce Stress in Your Parenting

You know that there isn’t a more stressful job in life than raising children to be God-loving, God-fearing, competent, motivated, responsible adults. After all, that is the goal. A large part of that process, we don’t have control over. But there are parts that we do. There are habits we can employ that will reduce stress and promote peace in our parenting. Because hey… being a less stressed, […]

How Can A Good God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering in the World?

Do you know what the biggest barrier to our kids’ faith is?  I didn’t. Not until I was researching for CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD‘s recent series on Gen Z. I was prepping for my interviews with Dr. Jonathan Morrow (episodes 54 & 55), and I ran across this statistic from Barna Research: “Asked about barriers to belief, 29 percent of Gen Z members said it’s because ‘I have […]

Where Did Woke Come from , and Where Is It Going?

Woke ideology is everywhere. You can’t escape it. As parents, we need to understand exactly what Woke preaches so we can help our kids to understand it. That means we need to know where it came from and where it is going. We can’t alert our kids to the danger of this godless philosophy if we haven’t grasped it ourselves. I’ve condensed years of research it into this easy to […]

What Gives Woke Ideology Its Power?

Woke ideology permeates our culture. It saturates our airwaves. It is sung in our songs, read in our novels, acted out in our films, espoused by our educators, preached by our politicians, and even (re)written into our history. But what makes woke ideology so powerful? On CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I’m beginning a new two-part solo […]

Practical Advice for Parenting through a Crisis

At some point, every parent will have to work through a crisis with their kids. Whether their child deals with a substance addiction or battles an eating disorder or questions their sexuality or walks away from the faith, parents need encouragement and strategy to work through these difficult seasons.  Joining me again to discuss parenting through the hard times in the episode 63 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD is best-selling author Laine Lawson Craft. Laine’s brand new book, The Parent’s Battle […]

Hope and Strategy for Parents of Prodigal Children

Statistics show that a majority of Christian kids are leaving the faith when they leave the nest. That means a majority of Christian parents are parenting a prodigal child. Support for those walking through the prodigal journey is one of the greatest needs in the body of Christ today.  But where does the prodigal parent start? Best-selling author Laine Lawson Craft […]

How Does a Drag Queen Become a Minister of the Gospel?

At some point in our parenting journey, we will become discouraged. Probably many times. Sometimes our kids or their friends choose dangerous and destructive paths. There is nothing like the powerful testimony of a life transformed to encourage us in our own walk with the Lord and in our parenting. In episode 60 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I continue my riveting conversation with Blake Howard, the committed church […]

How Does a Committed Church Kid Become a Drag Queen?

We’ve all heard the story of a kid in the church youth group who is now on a destructive path. Many parents are living this story.  Sometimes the lessons we teach our kids don’t stick. The faith we hand down doesn’t become their own. They have outside influences that erode the foundation that us parents seek so diligently to build.  In the episode 59 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD.,  I share a cautionary tale […]