Why Does the Bible Say… Fill in the Blank?

Let’s face it… there is some stuff in the Bible that is hard to understand and difficult to explain. And too often, the first time many Christian kids encounter these difficult parts of the Bible is when an atheist professor brings them up in a class, or a friend who is a secular humanist challenges […]

7 Guidelines for Challenging Our Culture

One thing we know from studying Scripture and history is that truth is counter-cultural. So, if we want to stay grounded in the truth, we need to expect to live a counter-cultural life. I recently discussed six ways we can live that kind of life in Episode 19 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD. Those guidelines were a force […]

Do Our Words Have the Power to Change the Future?

How powerful are our words? Can they change the future? In this episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I take a fascinating, prophetic look at how words have the power to shape reality in the past, present, and future. Our leaders are using words to confuse and distort reality. But as faith-filled parents, we can use […]

What Do Christian Apologetics and Nashville Hot Chicken Have in Common?

I recently got to sit down with Larry Roberts of Spark Media while at the Spark Podcasting Conference in Nashville, TN, where CPCW took home the Spark Media Award for “Best Kids and Family Podcast.” Woo-hoo! Larry and I had a very lively chat about how my podcast started, my passion for apologetics, empty nesters […]

How Did We End Up with 50+ Genders and Drag Queen Story Hour?

Have you wondered how we’ve ended up in a world with 50+ genders and Drag Queen Story Hour? If you have, you need to check out episode 25 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD. In this episode, I connect the dots between a prominent philosophical movement and the current state of gender and sexuality in our culture. The influence of nominalism has led not only to the denial of universal truth, […]

What Is the Enemy’s Greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction in Our Lives?

The enemy has a plan to trick believers. What is his greatest weapon? Tune in to the latest episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD to find out. This is the second installment in a series on truth, which is the central issue of the Christian faith—it is the primary reason Christ came to earth. And yet […]

What is the Biggest Threat to Our Faith and Our Culture Today?

Hey Mamas & Papas! Before I get to the main topic, would you take a sec and nominate CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD for a Spark Fan Award in the categories of “Best Female Podcast” and “Best Solo Podcast.” Now on to more important matters… There is a threat to our faith that involves an attack on […]

Why Are So Many People Obsessed with Hallmark Films?

Hallmark boasts a whopping 80 million viewers during their annual Countdown to Christmas when they run holiday fare 24/7 from the end of October to the new year. Those numbers are simply astounding. The Hallmark phenomenon is even more fascinating when you consider that they produce the yuletide version of Groundhogs Day. Most of the films have […]

How Does the Enemy Use Culture to Lead Us Astray?

You have probably heard our culture preaching one virtue over and over. And over. That virtue is: TOLERANCE. Why do you think that is? Is that just a coincidence, or is the enemy somehow using the virtue of tolerance to lead us astray?   These are some of the questions I answer in the latest episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY […]

6 Guidelines to Living a Counter-Cultural Life

HOW DO YOU LIVE BIBLICALLY WHEN EVERYONE AROUND YOU ISN’T? Or a lot of people around you aren’t. In other words, how do you live a counter-cultural life?  Good question, huh?  In the latest episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I offer 6 Guidelines to help you and your kids be counter-cultural Christians. This podcast is chocked full of helpful […]