Why Are So Many People Obsessed with Hallmark Films?

Hallmark boasts a whopping 80 million viewers during their annual Countdown to Christmas when they run holiday fare 24/7 from the end of October to the new year. Those numbers are simply astounding. The Hallmark phenomenon is even more fascinating when you consider that they produce the yuletide version of Groundhogs Day. Most of the films have […]

How Does the Enemy Use Culture to Lead Us Astray?

You have probably heard our culture preaching one virtue over and over. And over. That virtue is: TOLERANCE. Why do you think that is? Is that just a coincidence, or is the enemy somehow using the virtue of tolerance to lead us astray?   These are some of the questions I answer in the latest episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY […]

6 Guidelines to Living a Counter-Cultural Life

HOW DO YOU LIVE BIBLICALLY WHEN EVERYONE AROUND YOU ISN’T? Or a lot of people around you aren’t. In other words, how do you live a counter-cultural life?  Good question, huh?  In the latest episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I offer 6 Guidelines to help you and your kids be counter-cultural Christians. This podcast is chocked full of helpful […]

How To Swimstream Upstream in a Downstream Culture

If we are going to swim God’s direction in this downstream culture, people will think that we are odd. They will have all kinds of choice words to describe us. We need to have this expectation in life, and we need to give our kids this expectation as well. If our children stay true to […]

How To Discover Your Purpose in Life

Did you know that the majority of people live and die without ever discovering why they were born? But what is even more sad is that the majority of Christians live and die without knowing why they were born. So I have to ask you: DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE IS? Do you know that you have […]

How To Help Your Kids Develop Their Spiritual Gifts

The more your kids understand their God-given purpose in life, the more likely they are to stay grounded in their faith into adulthood. So I’ve tackled this vital topic in Episode 16 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD. As parents, we have this incredibly unique position in our kids’ lives. We are literally front row center for […]

What Should I Expect When I Battle in Prayer

When you step out with God in prayer, you need to expect opposition from the enemy. That’s because prayer changes history. Your history. Your child’s history. Human history. In the latest episode of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I wrap up our 3-part series on prayer by discussing what to expect when you battle in prayer, how […]

How To Battle for Your Kids in Prayer

At some point in your parenting, you will have to go to battle for your kids in prayer. Whether they have walked away from the faith, or they are toying around with secular ideologies, or they are battling illness or addiction, or they have fallen in with the wrong crowd, or they are struggling with depression… you will need to fight for your kids. And as […]

What To Do If Your Child Walks Away from the Faith

Since episode 1 of CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, we’ve discussed how to solidify our kid’s faith to prevent them from being part of the massive youth exodus. Statistics show that a majority of Christian kids leave the faith when they leave the nest. But actually 90% of kids who leave the faith start that progression in the middle and high school years. About 40% […]

Why Does the Apostle Paul Tell Women to Be Silent and Not to Teach?

This article is the last in a three part series on women in ministry published by Crosswalk and Bible Study Tools. The first article discussed the critical roles that women played in Scripture. The second chronicled the difficult plight of women historically and how Scripture liberates women. (That article was a 2021 Selah Award finalist, […]