“Five Myths About Motherhood that Make You Feel Mere,
and Why They’re Wrong”

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If you’ve felt culturally irrelevant as a mom and want to know why, this ebook will tell you. I boil down years of research into five prolific myths about motherhood strategically designed to make you feel mere, and I defeat them. Chocked full of powerful quotes, statistics, anecdotes, and arguments, Five Myths About Motherhood That Make You Feel Mere, and Why They’re Wrong is the book you didn’t know you needed—but you do!


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Scriptures to Pray Over a Child Who Has Walked Away
from the Faith

Scriptures to Pray Over a Child Who Has Walked Away from the Faith

When it comes to prayer, nothing is more powerful than praying the Word of God. The only offensive weapon mentioned in Ephesians 6 is Scripture. If you have a child who is not walking with the Lord, gather your weapons, gather God's promises and truth to pray over your child. This list will get you started. Take it,  add to it, and speak it over your child in prayer.

Scriptures to Stand
on for Faith

If you are praying for redemption, a promise to be fulfilled, or the miracle of conception and a healthy pregnancy, these Scriptures are for you. We prayed these verses over my body every day for eight months prior to conceiving our miracle baby at the age of 45. And these Bible verses saw us through a tumultuous pregnancy that involved an abruption at 26 weeks, complete bedrest, five weeks of hospitalization, and an emergency c-section that delivered our miracle girl just in time. Download and print front and back to form a booklet that you can carry wherever you go.

Scriptures Songs

If you struggle to memorize Scripture, then these songs are for you. I could not memorize some of my favorite passages, so I came up with a melody and now they are in my heart. Memorize these powerful verses with me!


Masterpiece Inspirational Quotes

These gorgeous fine art collections feature classic works of art from Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cassett, Weston, and Rodefer married with inspirational quotes from Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkein, George Eliot and more. Print them, post them, screen save them, or knit them on quilt (if you’re into that). Be inspired!

Mother/Women Inspirational Quotes

Degas Inspirational Quotes

Pinterest Postables

All the same gorgeous works of art married with inspirational quotes from the Printable/Postable collection are Pinterest ready for you here. Enjoy!