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I’m a wife of one and a mother of five, 
Juggling dreams and duties that don’t always jive.
I’m an actor, writer, singer, preacher, 
And Jesus lovin’ homeschool teacher. 
I crave classic lit and MLB.
Pine for major league hockey and Masterpiece.
I heart C. S. Lewis, Shakespeare, and Dickens.
Love me some cello and banjo pickin’.
Broadway, bluegrass and 80’s tunes,
Blare in my house in the afternoons.
I need tongue-torching Thai food and buttermilk pie.
A night with my fam is the highest of highs.
The stage is where I was born and bred,
Those dreams have been dormant but they’re not dead.
I’m a mom now, which might seem small,
But I’m convinced it’s the highest of calls.
Still love to act and write and sing,
Got lots of birdies but still got some wings.
Gonna’ dust them off and see how they fly,
Keep my eye on the nest while I aim for the sky.
A lot of labels could describe me,
Faith, Family, the arts—these are the top three.
The lines between them have never been blurred
In short . . .
I'm God’s daughter, a mother, and a lover of words.

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