Did your life take a detour with life’s little blessing?



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Motherhood requires sacrifice, but I’m here to tell you: you can live LARGE on a little stage.
After all, the detour is the destination.

 “Five Myths About Motherhood that Make You Feel Mere,
and Why They’re Wrong”

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Who is a Mere Mother?

A mere mother is a woman who’s chosen to prioritize motherhood in this season of life, perhaps as her sole focus. She’s stronger than she realizes, and her value is immeasurable. But she has made big sacrifices to be a mom, and she’s stripped away some precious things to do it well.

She often feels less-than for her choices. She feels small and insignificant compared to women who are shattering glass ceilings. And yet, she still has dreams. But those dormant dreams lead to exhaustion, burnout, and the nagging thought that she isn’t enough.

Be Encouraged, Mama —You are More Than Enough!

Mere Mother is a space to be inspired and supported in your role as a mom. I know, your accomplishments feel small compared to some women who have big titles and big resumes. I know, there are so many responsibilities on your plate that you’re afraid your own dreams will take a backseat forever. I know, our culture makes you feel mere

But what I now know is that the merest part of you is the most important part. After all, it’s the only part of you that will live on after you’re gone. The part of you that society says is mere, the mothering part, has the most value of all. Not because mothers matter more, but because mothering matters, and doing it well makes you a better you.
So slap a Mere Mother marker across your chest and wear it proudly, like me. 

Around here you’ll learn how to live LARGE on your little stage.

I know, because I felt that way for a long time too. 

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The Mere Mother blog delves into critical cultural issues that concern and marginalize us as mothers. This commentary examines media, performing arts, politics and the pulpit to discover what concerns us a momswhy society marginalizes mothers, and why mothers matter

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