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CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD Named 2022 Best Kids and Family Podcast by Spark Media. (3/8/22)

EPISODE 69: What Question Burns in the Heart of Your Child? (9/4/23)

EPISODE 68: What Critical Foundation Do Many Parents Miss When Discipling Their Kids with Robby Angle (8/21/23)

EPISODE 67: 5 Simple Habits That Will Reduce Stress in Your Parenting with Elizabeth Andreyevskiy (8/7/23)

EPISODE 66: How Can a Good God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering in the World? with Dr. Douglas Groothuis  (7/17/23)

EPISODE 65: Where Did Woke Come from and Where Is It Going? (7/3/23)

EPISODE 64: What Gives Woke Ideology Its Power? (6/19/23)

EPISODE 63: Practical Advice for Parenting through a Crisis with Laine Lawson Craft (7/5/23)

EPISODE 62: Hope and Strategy for Parents with Prodigal Children with Laine Lawson Craft (5/22/23)

EPISODE 61: Hope for Families That Are Battling Mental Health Disorders with Peyton Garland (5/8/23)

EPISODE 60: How Does a Drag Queen Become a Minister of the Gospel? with Blake Howard  (4/24/23)

EPISODE 59: How Does a Committed Church Kid Become a Drag Queen? with Blake Howard  (4/10/23)

EPISODE 58: 7 Lies Culture is Teaching Our Kids - Are they Buying? with Elizabeth Urbanowicz  (3/27/23)

EPISODE 57: How To Teach Our Kids the Christian Worldview with Elizabeth Urbanowicz (3/13/23)

EPISODE 56: How To Teach the Next Generation To Pray with Erica Renaud (2/27/23)

EPISODE 55: The 5 Greatest Cultural Challenges Facing Gen Z with Dr. Jonathan Morrow (2/13/23)

EPISODE 54: 5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know about Gen Z with Dr. Jonathan Morrow  (1/31/23)

EPISODE 53: Practical Ways to Disciple Gen Z with Dana Che (1/16/23)

EPISODE 52: 12 Ways To Improve Your Relationships with Your Kids This Year (1/2/23)

EPISODE 51: 5 Family-Centered Films for Christmas (12/19/22)

EPISODE 50: What Can We Learn from a Survivor of Teen Suicide? with Emma Benoit & Jennifer Ellers  (12/12/22)

EPISODE 49: How Do We Combat the Epidemic of Teen Suicide? with Emma Benoit & Jennifer Ellers (12/5/22)

EPISODE 48: How Is Our Culture Distorting Sexuality and Harming Children? with Erin Barry (11/14/22)

EPISODE 47: What is Our Culture Teaching Our Kids about Sexuality? with Erin Barry (11/7/22)

EPISODE 46: How To Talk To Your Kids About Biblical Sexuality? with Erin Barry (10/31/22)

EPISODE 45: How Do We Help Our Kids To Understand Biblical Sexuality? with Erin Barry ( 10/24/22)

EPISODE 44: Have You Or Your Kids Been Wounded in the Church? (10/10/22)

EPISODE 43: Why Does Abuse Happen in the Church? [9/26/22)

EPISODE 42: Three Steps to Take When You or Your Kids Are Judged (9/12/22)

EPISODE 41: Six Problems We Encounter When It Comes to Judging (9/5/22)

EPISODE 40: Is It Ever Right to Judge Others? (8/29/22)

EPISODE 39: Have You Ever Been Judged by Other Christians? (8/22/22)

EPISODE 38: How Do Our Words Form a Legacy for Our Children? (8/15/22)

EPISODE 37: Seven Ways to Bless Your Kids with Words (8/8/22)

EPISODE 36: How Powerful Are Our Words in the Lives of Our Kids? (7/25/22)

EPISODE 35: What Do We Do with the Parts of Scripture We Still Don't Understand? (7/12/22)

EPISODE 34: How Can We Help Our Kids Understand Who God Is? (7/4/22)

EPISODE 33: Is the God of the Old Testament A Monster? (6/27/22)

EPISODE 32: How Can Parents Deal with the Difficult Parts of Scripture? (6/15/22)

EPISODE 31: Why Does the Bible Say... Fill in the Blank? (5/31/22)

EPISODE 30: Is It Okay to Question God and the Christian Faith? (5/16/22)

EPISODE 29: Seven Guidelines for Challenging our Culture (5/2/22)

EPISODE 28: Can Our Words Change the Future? (4/18/22)

EPISODE 27: What Do Christian Apologetics and Nashville Hot Chicken Have in Common? (4/4/22)

EPISODE 26: What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Prodigal Child (3/21/22)

EPISODE 25: How Did We End Up with 50+ Gender and Drag Queen Story Hour? (3/3/22)

EPISODE 24: What is the Enemy's Greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction in Our Lives? (2/14/22)

EPISODE 23: What is the Biggest Threat to Our Faith and Our Culture Today? (1/31/22)

EPISODE 22: 13 Ways to Be a Better Parent in 2022 (1/17/22)

EPISODE 21: Why Are So Many People Obsessed with Hallmark Films? (12/20/21)

EPISODE 20: How Does the Enemy Use Culture to Lead Us Astray? (12/13/21)

EPISODE 19: 6 Guidelines for Living a Counter-Cultural Life (11/29/21)

EPISODE 18: How To Swim Upstream in a Downstream Culture (11/15/21)

EPISODE 17: How To Discover Your Purpose in Life (10/25/21)

EPISODE 16: How To Help Your Kids Develop Their Spiritual Gifts (10/4/21)

EPISODE 15: What Should I Expect When I Battle in Prayer (9/13/21)

EPISODE 14:  How to Battle for Your Kids in Prayer (8/20/21)

EPISODE 13: 4 Types of Prayer Every Believer Should Know (8/16/21)

EPISODE 12: What To Do if Your Child Walks Away from the Faith (8/2/21)

EPISODE 11: What Does It Mean to Speak the Truth in Love? (7/6/21)

EPISODE 10: 6 Guidelines for Discussing Sensitive Topics with Your Kids (6/21/21)

EPISODE 9: How Does the Christian Worldview Create a World We All Want to Live In? (6/7/21)

EPISODE 8: What Sets The Christian Worldview Apart from Other Worldviews? (5/24/21)

EPISODE 7: What Worldviews are Competing with Your Kids' Faith? (5/10/21)

EPISODE 6: 5 Reasons You Should Teach Your Kids About Other Worldviews (4/26/21)

EPISODE 5: Is the Bible Just a Book Written by Some Ancient Dead Guys? (4/12/21)

EPISODE 4: Is Christianity Just a Religion of Do's and Don'ts? (3/29/21)

EPISODE 3: How Do I Teach My Kids to Contend for Their Faith? (3/22/21)

EPISODE 2: What is the Key for Our Kids to Have an Authentic Faith? (3/22/21)

EPISODE 1: Why Are So Many Kids Falling Away from the Faith? (3/22/21)

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 & Speaking.

"Finding Victory Over Mental Illness," The Emotionally Healthy Legacy Podcast (coming soon)

"How to Persevere for God's Promise," Sparkle Speak Podcast (5/22/23)

"Redeeming Creativity in the Church," Tapestry Church in Virginia Beach (1/15/23)

"Raising Culturally Conscious Christian Kids in a Chaotic Culture," Real Relationship Talk with Dana Che (Episode 121, 12/6/22)

"Finding Hope and Redemption after Great Loss," Hope Along the Journey PodcastE with Mark Cravens (Episode 94. 11/2/22)

"How to Teach a Biblical Worldview," Heart of the Matter Radio with Cynthia Simmons (8/20/21)

"Great Information on Choosing to Homeschool," Heart of the Matter Radio with Cynthia Simmons (5/14/21)

Staying Strong Summit: "Raising Kids in a Godless Culture" (April 2021)

2020 Grounded Women's Conference: "8 Steps to Find Redemption After Loss" (April 2020)

parenting articles

"8 Things a Parent Can Learn from a Survivor of Teen Suicide" (Crosswalk, 1/12/22, 3rd Place Best Online Article - The Southern Christian Writers' Conference)

"8 Ways To Build a Better Relationships with Your Kids This Year" (Crosswalk, 1/4/23)

"7 Ways to Help Our Kids Deal with the Difficult Parts of Scripture" (Crosswalk, 6/18/22)

"What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Prodigal Child," (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 3/22/22)

"What To Do if Your Child Has Walked Away from the Faith" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 8/4/21, #3 Most Popular)

"6 Guidelines for Discussing Sensitive Topics with Your Kids" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 6/21/21)

"Christian Kids Are Leaving the Faith. What Can We Do About it?" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 3/24/21, Editor's Pick)

"How Should Christians Talk to Their Kids about LGBTQ Issues?" (iBelieve, 10/22/20)

"Do Your Maydays Need a Mayday from Pandemic Pressure?" (Crosswalk, 5/8/20)

"How to Find Hope After a Miscarriage" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 2/26/20)

"Should God Have a Say in the Size of Your Family?" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 12/23/19)

"3 Steps to Take When You Have Been Judged by Other Christians" (Crosswalk, 10/5/22)

"Is It Ever Right to Judge Others?" (Crosswalk, 9/26/22)

"Abuse in the SBC: Why It Happened and Where We Find Hope" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 8/15/22)

"The Prospective Shift That Will Revolutionize Your Prayer Life" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 9//28/21)

"Cancel Culture" (Arise Daily, 6/21/21)

"Why Does the Apostle Paul Tell Women to be Silent and Not To Teach?" (Crosswalk, 5/26/21)

"God is Good, But This Isn't" featured in Take Heart: 100 Devotions to Seeing God When Life's Not Okay  (published by (in)courage, October 2020)

"How Do I Deal with the Terribly Disturbing Parts of Scripture" (Crosswalk, 8/13/20)

"Why We Should Reconsider what the Bible Really Says About Women in Ministry" (Crosswalk, 6/27/20, Editor's Pick)

"7 Ways to Bless Others in a Worldwide Crisis" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 4/23/2020, #2 Most Popular)

"5 Amazing Reasons Covid 19 Is the Church's Unprecedented Time to Shine" (Crosswalk, 3/31/20)

"Is God Still Speaking to Us in Dreams, Even Today?" (Crosswalk, 3/27/20)

"8 Ways God Wants to Bless Us All in the Coronavirus Crisis" (Crosswalk, 3/3/20, #3 Most Popular)

"What I Wish People with Mental Illness Knew" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 11/27/19)

"What I Wish People Knew About Mental Illness" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 11/27/19)

"Nine Time Love Overpowers Hate in the Bible" (CrosswalkiBelieve, 11/20/19, Editor's Pick)

"How to Remember God's Faithfulness When Reality Hurts" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 10/10/19)

"The Danger of Speaking Truth Without Love" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 9/17/19)

"God is Good, But This Isn't" (inCourage, 5/15/19, soon to be published in an inCourage devotional book)

"Learning About Grace From No Ordinary Joe" (inCourage, 10/27/18)

faith articles

culture articles

"What Is Culture Teaching Our Kids about Sexuality: 7 Ways To Respond" with Erin Barry (Crosswalk, 2/21/23)

"Understanding Biblical Sexuality and How to Talk to Your Kids about It" with Erin Barry (Crosswalk, 12/13/22)

"6 Guidelines for Challenging Our Culture" (Crosswalk, 5/5/22)

"What is the Biggest Threat to Our Faith and Our Culture Today?" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 2/1/22)

"Why Are So Many People Obsessed with Hallmark Films?" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 12/20/21)

"Cancel Culture" (Arise Daily, Crosswalk, 7/6/21)

"5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Kids Other Worldviews" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 4/26/21)

"Does Scripture Oppress or Liberate Women?" (2021 SELAH AWARD FINALISTBible Study Tools, Crosswalk, 11/4/20)

"Is Voting for Trump the Lesser of Two Evils?" (Christian Headlines, 10/23/20)

"Should Christians Be Concerned by the LGBTQ Direction in Hallmark Movies?" (CrosswalkiBelieve, 9/21/20, # 1 Most Popular)

"How Can Christians Help to Heal the Racial Divide?" (Christian Headlines, 9/9/20)

"Should Christians Be Concerned about Individual Liberty in Crisis?" (Crosswalk, 5/29/20)

"Is It Possible to Be a Christian and a Modern Feminist?" (Crosswalk, 2/11/20)

"As a Christian, How Involved Should I Be in Politics?" (Crosswalk, 2/5/20, Editor's Pick)

"6 Tips to Master Your Media Consumption This Year" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 1/16/20, Editor's Pick)

"As Christians, Should We Legislate Morality?" (Crosswalk, 1/6/20, Editor's Pick)

"Hallmark Christmas Films: Five Reasons To Be Careful" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 12/11/19, #1 Most Popular)

"The Ugly Truth the MacArthur/Moore Controversy Reveals" (Crosswalk, 10/30/19, #4 Most Popular)

"The Danger of Speaking Truth Without Love" (Crosswalk, iBelieve, 9/17/19)

Family Blogs

Pass the Baton - You hold the key to unlocking who your kids are meant to be. (12/11/20)

Speak Life! - Four steps to change the atmosphere in your home.  (8/2/20)

Sing to Me - What lives on after we're gone? (3/7/20)

Daddy's Girl - When was the last time you crawled into your daddy's lap? (2/8/20)

Job Performance - Do you feel valued in the work that you do? (1/25/20)

A Fresh Faith - A story about having the faith of a child. (1/4/20)

fly. - A tribute to all the mama birds out there and our little birdies who are about to fly. (5/11/19)

Made to Mother - A story about a race I never wanted to run, and a life I never wanted to live. (4/8/19)

Helena in Heaven - A story about a dream that died a long time ago, but it isn’t quite dead. (3/9/19)

Granny's Housecoat - A story about an ancient garment that never gets old. (1/12/19)

A Full Life - A message about the standard you use to measure the meaning in your life. (12/15/18)
Life Lessons from Little League - A story about how the little ones in our lives can teach us the biggest lessons.  (11/17/18)

Simple Seasons - A story about how the simple seasons of life can be the greatest seasons of all.  (11/10/18)

That Drama Girl - A story about how God loves to take those dreams that we thought were dead and buried and breathe life into them again. (10/24/18)

Faith Blogs

Ruth's Resume - Is your resume impressive? (6/14/21)

Normal - The quest that kills us. (2/19/21)

My Other Husband - Whose arms do you run to when life is too much to bear? (7/18/20)

Controlling Me - Do you struggle to control the one thing in life you can? 

A Tale of a Lost Sheep and Some Wolves - Are you more concerned about being right than reaching those who aren't right with God?  (2/22/20)

The Sound of Regret A story about a sound that sticks in our ears. (1/11/20)

A Someday Christmas - How to find hope when the holidays hurt. (12/21/19)

Halo House - What keeps you going when the world around you grows dim? (12/5/19)

God is Good, But This Isn't A story about God's goodness in the face of devastating loss. (6/8/19, also published on inCourage)

Silver Bells and Silver Linings - A story about how the season of silver bells offers us a silver lining.(12/23/18)

Learning about Grace from No Ordinary Joe A story about the incredible lesson I learned from an ordinary guy with an extraordinary name. (12/2/18, also published on inCourage)

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving - A message for those who ache from loss during the holidays. (11/21/18)

Treadmills, Tirades, and That Telltale Voice - A story about a guy who talked way too loud and a still, small voice that wouldn't be silent. (11/4/18)

Culture blogs

Lessons about Race from a Child in a Basket - How can we heal the racial divide? (8/29/20, also published on Christian Headlines)

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters - How can the church heal the racial divide? (6/2020)

Do Your May Days Need a Mayday?  This isn't the May we imagined, but it might be the May we need. (5/8/20)

Should Christians Be Concerned about the Super Bowl Halftime Show? - Family entertainment or stripper bowl? (2/10/20)

I Want To Live in a Hallmark Film - A story that takes place in a land far, far away, but hits very close to home. (11/26/19)