What Sets the Christian Worldview Apart from Other Worldviews?

Yep… I’ve got another couple of episodes on worldview in me. This topic is so rich and deep. I just couldn’t leave without sharing some bonus material with you. Now that we’ve got a solid foundation on the primary worldviews from the last podcast (naturalism, postmodernism, theism, polytheism, pantheism, pluralism, and moralistic to therapeutic deism) […]

What Worldviews are Competing with Your Kids Faith?

Our culture is in a war with our faith. The Biblical principles you are working to instill in your kids are under attack by competing worldviews, so you should learn more about them. Today, we’re getting brainy. But we’re also going to have a lot of fun. The subject of worldviews can be overwhelming and […]

Why Should We Teach Our Kids about Other Worldviews?

Some might argue that we should simply teach our kids the principles of the Christian faith and ignore other worldviews. Isn’t knowing the truth enough? I don’t think so. We want our kid’s faith to be challenged. Resistance creates strength. Lack of resistance creates a wimpy, flabby faith. In this episode, I will give you FIVE […]

Is Christianity Just a Religion of Do’s and Don’ts?

In the fourth episode of my new podcast, CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, I tackle this critical question–Is Christianity Just a Religion of Do’s and Don’ts?Your kids need a solid answer to this question in order to stand strong in the faith. So do you. Many Christians have the wrong approach to God, and their faith becomes a labor-intensive checklist that is more of a burden than a delight. If that […]

Is the Bible Just a Book Written by Some Ancient Dead Guys?

Have you ever wondered if the Bible was just a book written by some ancient dead guys? I bet your kids have. And if they haven’t yet, I bet they will. This is one of the primary complaints I hear from people who discount Scripture. And it is a strong motivating factor in the youth […]

What Is the Key for Our Kids to Have and Authentic Faith?

Do your kids have a faith of their own, or are they living off of yours? In the second episode of my new Life Audio podcast, CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, you will learn what your children must experience to transfer their faith from the head to the heart. To listen, click HERE. EPISODE LINKS: A new […]

How Do I Teach My Kids to Contend for Their Faith?

For your kids to stand strong in the faith, they must learn how to wrestle for it. In the third episode of my new Life Audio podcast, CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD, discover seven steps that you can take to help your children contend for their faith. Click on the image below to hear the podcast (or you can listen on […]

Why Are So Many Kids Falling Away from the Faith?

WELCOME to the debut episode of my new podcast with LIFE AUDIO… CHRISTIAN PARENT/CRAZY WORLD! Yes, I have a new podcast. It’s the perfect time to start a podcast, isn’t it? I’m kidding. The timing is terrible. Everyone and their mother and their mother’s brother has a podcast. Literally. Leave it to me to wipe […]

Job Performance

Hit the play bar above to hear this blogcast. What this mother learned about work from a famous father and a legendary Son. He was a very famous father, only he wasn’t known for being a dad. He changed the world with his inventions, his ingenuity, his ambition, and his genius. Tragically, his life was […]

I Want To Live in a Hallmark Film

Sometimes… I want to live in a land where the worst thing that happens is that my boyfriend forgot to tell me that he is next in line for the throne to of a tiny European country